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  • Pick up from Hotel Lobby or location, or self transfer.
  • Arrival at Phuket ATV Park. Registration and Briefing.
  • Group divided and start off activities. (Each group will be participating with games and ATV tours separately as a base rotation).
  • Once all groups or teams have participated and finished, the scores will be given and a winning team will be announced with a trophy or gifts. (Depending on arrangements).
Tour Schedule
  • 09.00 am – 11.00 am / 12.00 am – 02.00 pm / 03.00 pm – 05.00 pm
***Please note that the pick up time is depended on your location***
2,900 THB
  • *This program required minimum 10 participants
ATV Riding tour :
  • After safety briefing and training the participants will ride along nice and easy trails, leaded by our guides and ATV staff. Level by level we go through more challenging terrain, depending on the abilities and skills of the riders. If a rider cannot continue the trip due to hesitation or fear, the participant will have a escort with them to help and ensure the participants with the ATV riding, also the rider become a passenger. Either on the back of staff or another participant with is skillful enough to take a passenger with him/her. There will be intervals in between, drinking water will be provided in each break, each break our guides will stop at a muddy area, rubber plantation and a secluded beach with a beautiful mangrove forest surrounding it. Each stop a game will be played by 2 or more teams depending on the size of the group and arrangements. Each game will be widely spread all around the park. You’ll be playing games in different locations. Games consist of:
Catapult Game
  • In the catapult game the participants will split up doing different duties. Collecting the tennis balls for ammo, shooting the balls with a homemade catapult/ sling shot to a basket which is carried by another member of the team participating. The rules of the game are simple, for example: if there were 10 participants in a team, 2 will be holding the catapult, while 2 will be looking for ammo ‘Blind folded’ in a enclosed area, once the 2 have found ammo they will run to the catapult and shoot it to a basket held by a member of the team and rest will help tell the searchers where the ammo is( everyone will swap continuously . Everyone on the team must have an active role. This game can be arranged in a lot of ways.
Gypsy bowling
  • The participants will play the 10 pins bowling by using 2 coconuts instead of the original bowling ball. The participants will line up and take turns throwing a small and big coconut ball. The rest of the team, while they wait you will cheer on for your fellow team members.
Flying Fox
  • Flying for the flag (Rope Bridge and flag capture flying fox), or scoring with tennis grenades into a whirlpool in the middle of the lake under the flying fox.
  • Participants will have to endure the challenging adventure bridge and conquer their fears with the flying fox. Altogether walking on the bridge and 1 by 1 or 2 by 2 on the flying fox.
Customize your games
  • We can design, plan, customize and deliver the perfect corporate event for your teams needs, all in safe, but fun and challenging environment.
  • Our team building activities are designed to help groups develop effective communication and problem solving skills. Our extensive experience of organizing outdoor events, allows us to have something for everyone.



Phuket ATV Tour Co., Ltd.
Address : 59/26 Moo 5, T. Srisuntorn, A. Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Phone : + 66 89 874 0055, Fax : + 66 76 617 737
Email :
Phuket ATV Tour Co., Ltd.
Address : 59/26 Moo 5, T. Srisuntorn, A. Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Phone : + 66 89 874 0055, Fax : + 66 76 617 737
Email :