2 Hours ATV Safari Tour in Phuket by Phuket ATV Tour Co., Ltd.

If you’re looking for a new way to explore the natural wonderlands of Phuket. Phuket ATV offers a different and unique All Terrain Vehicle tour. Enjoy a fun and safe ride through real untamed rainforests, get in touch with local villages, farms, plantations, dark mangrove forests and a unspoilt beach.

The objective of these tours is to introduce the unseen side of Phuket and Phang-Nga provinces, to all nature lovers and adventure seekers. All beginners from age 8 yrs are welcome to join the ATV tours. Our ATV bikes are fully automatic, safe and easy to operate. There is no prior riding experience needed to join our one of a kind tour. After safety briefings and operations orientations both beginners and experienced riders will be practicing on an easy track to get a feel for the ATV bikes. Once used to the bikes everyone will be ready to hit the tracks, supervised by professional staff and guides.

Our ATV tour is an ideal activity for anyone and any sunny or rainy day.

ATV Phuket - Top Ten Tours Phuket : Fully automatic and easy to operate ATV

ATV Phuket - Top Ten Tours Phuket : Briefing and program orientation

ATV Phuket - Top Ten Tours Phuket : Ride in real terrains and atmosphere

ATV Phuket - Top Ten Tours Phuket : Splash through the mud plains

ATV Phuket - Top Ten Tours Phuket : Venture through the jungle

ATV Phuket - Top Ten Tours Phuket : Have a muddy day!

Price :

Type Price
Rider Adult 2,900
Rider Children 2,300
Passenger Adult 2,300
Passenger Children 1,800

Tour Schedule :

    • 10.00 AM
    • 03.00 PM

Itinerary :

    • Itinerary :
    • Protective gears (helmet and glove), rain coat (on rainy day), drinking water, fruits in season and insurance for rider & passenger (ATV’s damages not covered)
    • Registration at welcome camp.
    • Gear up and go through pre-ride saftey briefing and program orientation give by the instructor.
    • Practice and training on a nice and easy track next to the camp supervised by staff and guide.
    • Enjoy rides on dirt and muddy areas. Go through moderate bumpy trails, work your way through a dense mangrove forest to find the hidden beach.
    • Also seeing the insect eating plant, rubber plantations and palm garden.
    • Tour continues from the 1 hour ATV tour program, with a short break of 5-10mins. Includes cold drinks and fruit.
    • Enjoy a challenging ride through a thick rainforest, going up and down inclines, riding along a mangrove swamp where you might see mokeys and monitor lizards.
    • 2nd hour is more advanced. Depending on the ability and skill of the rider the tour guide will lead the way to suitable tracks for the rider.
    • Back to camp for refreshments, fresh fruits and cold beverages. Then transferred back to hotel or location.


Protective gear (helmet and glove), rain coat (on rainy day), drinking water, fruits in season and insurance for rider & passenger (ATV damages not covered).

What to Bring:

Sport wear (ready to get muddy), sport shoes, sun block, sun cap, sunglasses, dust mask or cloth and insect repellent.


    • The riders have to be in good physical and mental condition to ride safely. Therefore, no alcohol and drug influence, pregnancy as well as physical problems are not allowed.
    • Children under 16, riding ATVs must be supervised by their parents/guardian and tour guide/instructor.
    • In case of a rider with a passenger, acceptance will be under tour operator is consideration and guests shall accept to sign a waiver and use protective gears, such as helmet, glove etc.
    • During the tour, strictly follow the tour guide/instructor. The tour operator has the right to stop any risky riding with no refund.
    • Free schedule transfer service provided from Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamala, Surin, Bang Tao and Laguna Area, anywhere else in Phuket is subject to additional charges of 1,000 THB (1-4 Pax) or 1,400 THB (5-10 Pax).
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